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ScrewMax - New, Aftermarket & Remanufactured Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves, Servo/Proportional Valves, Cylinders, PTOs, Orbital Motors

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Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

What Screwmax Offer

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We manufacture and supply high quality Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic motors, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic valves, Steerings, Dump truck parts, Excavator parts, Bulldozer parts, Crusher machinery and parts, etc.

KOMATSU PUMP: HPV35, HPV55, HPV55T, HPV70, HPV75, HPV90, HPV95, HPV100, HPV105, HPV125, HPV132, HPV160, KMF40, KMF90, KMF125, KMF160, KPV90, KPV160;
MAIN PUMP: PC30-7, PC40-8, PC45R-8, PC50, PC60-3, PC60-5, PC60-6, PC60-7, PC60-8, PC70-6, PC80-3, PC90-1, PC100-3, PC100-5, PC100-6, PC100-7, PC100-8, PC120-3, PC120-5, PC120-6, PC120-7, PC120-8, PC150-3, PC150-5, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC200-6, PC200-7, PC200-8, PC220-3, PC220-5, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC300, PC300-1, PC300-2, PC300-3, PC300-5, PC300-6, PC300-7, PC320, PC350-6, PC360-7, PC400, PC400-1, PC400-2, PC400-3, PC400-5, PC400-6, PC400-7, PC450-6, PC600-7, PC650-3 (P1), PC650-3 (P2), PC650-3 (SP), PC650-5 (P1), PC650-5(P2), PC650-5 (SP), PC710-5 (P1), PC710-5 (P2), PC710-5 (SP), PC750-6 (P1), PC750-6 (P2), PC800-6 (P1), PC800-6 (P2), PC1000-1 (P1), PC1000-1 (P2), PC1000-1 (SP), PC1100-6 (P1), PC1100-6 (P2), PC1100-6 (P3), PC1600-1 (P1), PC1600-1 (P2), PC1600-1 (SP), WA700-1 (LOADER), WA700-1 (SWITCH), WA800-1 (LOADER), WA800-1 (STEERING), WA800-1 (SWITCH), WA800-2 (LOADER), WA800-2 (STEERING), WA800-2 (SWITCH), WA900-1 (LOADER), WA900-1 (STEERING), WA900-1 (SWITCH), D65EX-12 (HYD), D65PX-12 (HYD), D155AX-3 (HMT), D155AX-3 (HSS);
SWING MOTOR: PC100-1, PC100-2, PC120-1, PC120-2, PC150-1, PC150-3, PC150-5, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC200-6, PC220-1, PC220-2, PC220-3, PC220-5, PC220-6;
TRAVEL MOTOR: PC100-1, PC120-1, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC220-1, PC220-2, PC220-3, PC300-2, PC300-3;

HITACHI PUMP: HPV050, HPV091DS, HPV091ES, HPV091DW, HPV091EW, HPV102FW, HPV102GW, HPV105FW, HPV116C, HPV118, HPVO118, HPV125A, HPV125B, HPV135, HPV145C, HPV145D, HPV145F, HPV145G, HPK055A;
MAIN PUMP: AX30, AX35, EX100, EX100-2, EX100-3, EX100-5, EX100M, EX110, EX120-2, EX120-3, EX120-5, EX200, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5, EX200-6, EX220-2, EX220-3, EX220-5, EX270, EX30, EX30-2, EX300, EX300-1, EX300-2, EX300-3, EX300-5, EX30-2, EX35, EX40, EX400, EX60, EX60-2, EX60-3, EX60-5, EX65, EX70, EX700, EX850, EX90, ZAXIS 100, ZAXIS 110, ZAXIS 200, ZAXIS 210, ZAXIS 230, ZAXIS 270, ZAXIS 300, ZAXIS 310, ZAXIS 330, ZAXIS 350, ZX200-3, ZX330-2, UH063, UH065, UH07-3, UH07-7, UH081, UH083, UH09-7, UH10, UH103, UH12-7, UH121, UH123, UH143, UH16, UH181, UH261;
SWING MOTOR: HTM250, HTM450, HTM500, EX100, EX100-2, EX100-3, EX100M-2, EX120, EX200, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5, EX210, EX220, EX270, EX300, EX60, EX60-2, UH083, ZAXIS 200, ZAXIS 210, ZAXIS 220, ZAXIS 230, ZAXIS 330;
TRAVEL MOTOR: HMGC16, HMGC32, HMGC35, HMGC48, HMGF35, HMGF35, HMGF38A, HMGF49CA, HMGF57AA, HMT045, HMT36A, HMT36FA, HMT107, HMT125AC, HMT134, HMV116, HMV145, EX100, EX120, EX200, EX210, UH07-7, UH083;

CATERPILLAR MAIN PUMP: 12G, 14G, 16G, 120G, 140G, AP12, AP12C, AP14, VRD63, SPK10/10, SPV10/10, SBS80, SBS120, SBS140, PPS140, MCB172, MS180, CAT E110B, CAT E120B, CAT E180B, CAT E200B, CAT 215, CAT 235, CAT 245, CAT 300, CAT E300, CAT E300B, CAT 311, CAT E312, CAT E315, CAT 320, CAT 320B, CAT 320C, CAT E322, CAT E325, CAT 330, CAT 330B, CAT 450, CAT 963, CAT 973, CAT 992, CAT D11R, CAT D6H, CAT D8N, CAT D9R, PSV450, PSV600;

KYB: MSG-27P, MSG-27-18F-5, MSG-44P, MSG-44P-21, MAG-10VP, MAG-33VP-480E-2, MAG-33VP-480E-2, JMV45-28, JMV-53/34, JMV-53-01-VBC, PSVD2-21E, PSVD2-26E, PSVD2-27E, SUMITOMO 280, PSV2-55T, SUMITOMO 265-06, KYB37, KYB87;

HYDRAULIC MOTOR: LMF35, LMF45, LMF64, LMF75, LMF90, LMF100, LMF107, LMF125, LMF140, LMF150, LMF165, LMF225, LMF250, FMV075, FMV100, FMV140, FMV160, FMV200, FMV225, 944B;


NACHI MAIN PUMP: PVD-2B-32L, PVD-2B-34, PVD-2B-34L, PVD-2B-36L, PVD-2B-38, PVD-2B-40, PVD-2B-42, PVD-2B-63, PVD-00B, PVD-0B, PVD-1B, PVD-3B-60L, NACHI 130, PVK-2B-505


TOSHIBA: SG02, SG025, SG04, SG08, SG12, SG15, SG17, SG20, SG25, MFB40, MFB80, MFB150, MFB160, MFB170, MFB180, MFB190, MFB200, MFB250, HD450V-2, DH07, DH08, DH55, LUCUS500

KOBELCO MAIN PUMP: K903B, K903C, K904D, K905, K907, K907-2, K907C, K907D, K909, K912, K916, SK03, SK03-2, SK035, SK03N2, SK04, SK04-2, SK04N2, SK04W, SK05, SK07, SK07-2, SK07N2, SK09, SK09N2, SK10, SK100, SK100-3, SK100-5, SK12, SK120, SK120-5, SK200-, SK200-3, SK200-5, SK200-6, SK220-3, MA340 (SK220-2), SK300, SK300-2, SK320, SK400-2, SK430, SK60, SK60-3, SK-75, KATO 400, HD450V-2, KATO 1023-3, DNB08, DH55 (HZMD), MS230;
SWING MOTOR: K907D, SK07-2, SK07N2, SK09N2, SK100, SK200, SK200-3, SK200-5, SK300, ;
TRAVEL MOTOR: K907-2, K907D, SK04N2, SK07-2, SK07N2, SK09N2, SK100-3, SK200-3, SK300;

KAWASAKI: K3SP36C, K3V45DT, K3V63DT, K3V112DT, K3V140DT, K3V180DT, K3V280DT, K3V45BDT, K3V63BDT, K3V112BDT, K3V140BDT, K3V180BDT, K3V280BDT, K5V140, K5V200, NV64, NV84, NV90, NV111, NV137, NV172, NV270, NX15, NVK45, KVC925, KVC930, KVC932;

KAWASAKI MOTOR: M2X63, M2X96 (EX200-2), M2X120, M2X146 (EX200-5), M2X150/170 (EX400), M2X210 (EX270/280/300), M5X130, M5X180, MX150, MX173, MX500, MAG150, MAG170, GM05VL, GM06VL, GM05VA, GM07VA, GM08VA, GM09VA, GM10VA, GM17VA, GM18VA, GM20VA, GM23, GM24VA, GM28VA, GM28VL, GM30H, GM35VA, GM35VL, GM38VA, GM38VL;

REXROTH: A4VSO40, A4V40, A4VSO45, A4VSO50, A4VSO56, A4VSO71, A4VSO125, A4VSO180, A4VSO250, A4VSO355, A4VSO500, A4VG28, A4VG40, A4VG45, A4VG50, A4VG56, A4V56, A4V71, A4V90, A4V125, A4V250, A4VHW90, A4VG71, A4VTG71, A4VTG90, A4VG125, A4VG180, A4VG250, A10VSO10, A10VSO16, A10VSO18, A10VSO28, A10VSO45, A10VSO56, A10VSO60, A10VO60, A10VO63, A10VSO71, A10VSO85, A10VSO100, A10VSO140, A10VG28, A10VG45, A10VG63, A10VSO63, A10V63, A11VG50, A11VO50, A11VO60, A11VO75, A11VO90, A11VO95, A11VO130, A11VO160, A11V0190, A11VLO190, A11VO250, A11VO260, A2F12, A2F23, A2VK28, A2F28, A2F55, A2F80, A2F107, A2F160, A2F200, A2F225, A2V225, A2F250, A2V500, A2V915, A2F355, A2F500, A2F1000, A2FO10, A2FO12, A2FO16, A2FO23, A2FO28, A2FO32, A2FO45, A2FO56, A2FO63, A2FO80, A2FO107, A2FO125, A2FO160, A2FO180, A2FO200, A2FO250, A2FO355, A2FO500, A2FO1000, A2FM10, A2FM12, A2FM16, A2FM23, A2FM28, A2FM32, A2FM45, A2FM56, A2FM63, A2FM80, A2FM107, A2FM125, A2FM160, A2FM180, A2FM200, A2FM250, A2FM355, A2FM500, A2FM1000, A2FE10, A2FE12, A2FE16, A2FE23, A2FE28, A2FE32, A2FE45, A2FE56, A2FE63, A2FE80, A2FE107, A2FE125, A2FE160, A2FE180, A2FE200, A2FE250, A2FE355, A2FE500, A2FE1000, A7V55, A8V55, A7V80, A8V80, A7V107, A8V107, A7V160, A8V160, A7V200, A8V200, A7V225, A8V225, A7V250, A8V250, A7V355, A8V355, A7V500, A8V500, A7V1000, A8V1000, A6VM12, A6VM28, A6VM55, A6VM80, A6VM107, A6VM160, A6VM200, A6VM250, A6VM355, A6VM500, A6VM1000, A6VE12, A6VE28, A6VE55, A6VE80, A6VE107, A6VE160, A6VE200, A6VE250, A6VE355, A6VE500, A6VE1000, A7VO12, A7VO28, A7VO55, A7VO80, A7VO107, A7VO160, A7VO172, A7VO200, A7VO250, A7VO355, A7VO500, A8VO55, A8VO80, A8VO107, A8VO160, A8VO200, A8VO250;

LINDE: HPR75, HPR90, HPR100, HPR105, HPR130, HPR160, B2PV35, B2PV50, B2PV75, B2PV105, BPV35, BPV50, BPV70, BPV100, BMV7527, BMV35, BMV55, BMV75, BMV105, BPR140, BPR186, BPR260, HMF50, HPV55T, BMF35, BMF55, BMF75, BMF105, BMF140, HMF63-01, MPR63, HPV130-01;

VOLVO: F11-010, F11-28, F11-39, F11-80, F11-110, F11-150, F11-250, F12-060, F12-080, F12-110-MF-1H;

YUKEN: A16, A37, A45, A56, A70, A90, A145, MF16A, A3H100;

VICKERS: PVE19, PVE21, PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH106, PVH131, PVH141, PVB5, PVB6, PVB10, PVB15, PVB20, PVB29, PVB45, PVQ40/50, PVB92, PVB110, SPV14, SPV15, SPV18, PVP76, PV0087, PV092, PV29, PV74, P76, PVG130, PSV450, PSV600, PVT38, PK100, PVXS130, PVXS180, PVXS250, PVSO250, PV250, PMT14/18, PV090, TB35, TB45, LZV30, LZV120, LVWO60, PAVC38, PAVC65, PAVC100, BZ732-100, M12600, HPVMF23(T23C), HPVMF237, T28C, T30C, HD3000, FX260R, MMFO25C, OPV27, 3V-SH2B, MPT044, M44, TA19, TA1919, MFE19, PV080, PV092, PVMO18, PVMO28;

UCHIDA: AP2D9, AP2D12, AP2D14, AP2D16, AP2D21, AP2D25, AP2D36, AP2D38, AP2D42, A10VD17, A10VD40, A10V43, A10VD71, A8VO55, A8VO80, A8VO107, A8VO160, A8VO250, A8V55, A8V86, A8V115, A8V172;

SAUER DANFOSS: PV19, PV20, PV21, PV22, PV23, PV24, PV25, PV26, PV27, MF19, MF20, MF21, MF22, MF23, MF24, MF25, MF26, MF27, PVD45, PVM018, PVM028, MF035, MF500, MPV046, 90R030, 90R042, 90R055, 90R075, 90R100, 90R130, 90R180, 90R250, PV42-28/41, MPT35, MPT44, MFO35, OPV1-23, SPV15, SPV18, SPV6/119;

DAKIN SUNDSTRAND: V15, V18, V23, V38, V50, V70, VD2-15A, PV040, PVD21, PVD22, PVD23, PVD24;

EATON: 3321, 3331, 3322, 4621, 4631, 5421, 5431, 6421, 6423, 7620, 7621, 3932-243, 72400, 78461, 78462, 78463, MKV23, MKV33;

HAWE: V30D95 (V30Z95), V30D140, V30D250, V60;

PARKER: PVP16, PV180, BMHQ30, PVXS130, PVXS180, PVXS250, PVSO250